The Bin-J-Clip


Get rid of those pesky raccoons or any other unwanted visitors who are there to vandalize your property with trash by getting into your garbage bins. There is no longer the need for that heavy imposing brick or other object on top of your trash bins, which could possibly lead to injury of yourself or family members.

Take advantage of this innovative and original system designed and manufactured 100% in Canada. Made from sturdy and durable materials, the Bin-J-Clip will finally put an end to this household problem that many of us have experienced long enough. The Bin-J-Clip is the perfect solution. It is easily installed and requires 3 simple steps:

1. Verify that the middle attachment is pointed down
2. Pass the hook through the left handle and repeat the same thing with the right handle.
The locking device has now been installed but is not yet functional.
3. Center the device and fasten the aluminum attachment to the lower edge of the lid, release, and there you go!

Within 10 seconds your installation will be complete

The Bin-J-Clip is all weather proof thanks to its elastic, which is able to withstand extreme temperatures and the damaging effects of corrosion.

With the two end hooks having rubber caps placed over them, the Bin-J-Clip proves itself as an innovative and safe system, preventing risk of injury.

Gone are the days of improvised makeshift attachments, which, in the end, prove inefficient.
Don’t wait any longer; make the Bin-J-Clip apart of your life now!

This 3 point attachment system will keep your trash bins well closed and once put in place, there is no need to reinstall as this system permits it to remain in place even during garbage collection.

A little clip is much better than a big overturned trash bin …

Take a look at our video presentation and you be the judge!