Video presentation: Bin-J-Clip Fasteners

The Bin-J-Clip is an innovative 3-point attachment system, which is easily installed in 10 seconds.

This system, specifically designed for trash bins and recycling bins unlocks and lifts the lid in one single motion. Once put it in place, there is no need to reinstall as this system permits it to remain in place even during garbage collection.


Quality Materials

The Bin-J-Clips hooks are covered with nylon paint, protecting it from all temperatures and the damaging effects of corrosion, guaranteeing sustainability.

In preventing risk of injury, the ends of the hooks have been covered with rubber caps. The special attachments are made of aluminum, a metal that does not rust and does not break, even when rigorously tested.

With the sturdiness of the elastic, it resists to changes in temperature, to water and even snow. These quality products are constructed in Canada.

2 Different Models Are Available

  • The 240, for 240-liter bins
  • Model 360, for 360-liter bins.Adjusts to 2 types of lids of 360-liter bins.

  • The Bin-J-Clip

    Unfortunately bins can sometimes cause us problems and inconveniences, often created by raccoons, wind or snow.

    Some may hold down their lids by placing a brick on top and others make an improvised attachment system. Bin-J-Clip introduces an original solution better fit for this problem. Don’t put yourself or your family members in any unnecessary risk.

    Designed and assembled in Canada to withstand extreme climates and corrosion.

  • Easy To Use!

    The Bin-J-Clip is easily installed in 3 simple steps

    1. Verify that the middle attachment is pointed down
    2. Pass the hook through the left handle and repeat the same thing with the right handle.
    The locking device has now been installed but is not yet functional.
    3. Center the device and fasten the aluminum attachment to the lower edge of the lid, release, and there you go!

    Within 10 seconds and without any tools, your installation is done.

    Click here to see an illustration of the installation process

    Depending on the pressure applied to the elastic, the average lifespan for daily use of the Bin-J-Clip can range from 1 to 2 years.

    Tightening the elastic is a simple process as well. Attach one of the clips to the handle of your bin and simply tighten it with pliers.