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A couple of years ago, I was very happy to replace my old grey garbage bins with the new bins that we all currently have. What I quickly realized was that as soon as a strong gust of wind came along, the bins easily fell over, so, I constructed a fence to enclose my new bins. One month later, I realized that it was now the raccoons that were creating a problem for me by scattering garbage all over my property and by being so loud that my dog would bark in the middle of the night, causing my baby to wake up several times.

I asked for some help from the city council and they advised me to rent a cage and put bricks over the lids of my garbage bins. I didn’t really like the idea of using a brick, so as you know, I didn’t.

One morning, while opening my garbage bin, I found myself face to face with a raccoon that was trapped inside.  The only way that I could think of to free the little rascal was to tip over the bin and let out a loud cry!

I hope that you will love my Bin-J-Clip as much as I do.

5 Reasons for a

Racccoon Racccoon

Gone are the days of raccoons vandalizing your trash bins.

Security Safe
Child Safety

Kids won’t be hurt from the possibility of bricks falling from the lids of your trash bins.

Properte Properte

No more morning surprises of garbage spread throughout your property.